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New Year, New Treatments

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, it seems a long time ago now but if was only a few weeks. I've been busy learning new techniques and treatments lately and wanted to share them with you as I'm sooo excited. 

Firstly, I've now done my medical tattooing qualification so can help with breast reconstruction by tattooing areola and breaking down scar tissue with dry tattooing or micro needling giving a flatter more natural appearance which can also soften the scar tissue making it more comfortable for the client. If for some reason it is not possible to break down the scar tissue it can be camouflaged with a colour wash to help it look more natural. This procedure is carried out over three visits, each a month apart. The skin is traumatised to encourage it to heal naturally and as it heals the scar joins together and the scar tissue breaks down. It looks a little sore straight afterwards but you can see the difference once it starts to heal. These are amazing treatments and I feel honoured to be able to help people who are struggling with their self confidence and have been through a great deal. The look on their faces when they see their treatment for the first time is just wonderful.

If you have any scar tissue or stretch marks that you need help with or need help to complete your breast reconstruction then please get in touch for a confidential consultation.