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Remove or Improve! (SPMU & Microblading)

Unfortunately I seem to be seeing more and more people for removal and corrections at the moment than ever before. But don't despair if something does go wrong, it can either be removed or improved!

Understanding colours and knowing which pigments should be used on which skin type is incredibly important in cosmetic tattooing and microblading as the wrong pigment can fade to a greyish, purple or reddish tone which will mean they will need to be colour corrected. Also, going too deep (quite common with microblading) can cause the pigment to heal with a greyish tone.

Brow mapping (measuring and drawing on) is another important part of training which is essential and lack of experience can mean that brows are not placed correctly or are uneven in appearance. This is very common when clients are having their brows tattooed whilst they have no brows due to alopecia or chemotherapy and their brows return at a later date but in a different place to their tattoo. Latino flicks are also quite a common removal as sometimes these are left uneven or droop with age.

Removal is not as complicated as you may think as most pigments can be removed with salt and saline which is quite straight forward for a good Technician with the necessary training. Depending on the density of the colour it may take a number of treatments so can take a while but it is very successful. As for colour correction most Technicians who have attended a good training course, preferably to Level 4 standard, will have been trained in colour correction and know which colours can counteract any errors.

Sometimes a cheaper treatment means that the Technician is newly qualified and looking to boost their portfolio. poorly trained or just that they are using cheaper pigments, blades and needles which will affect their results. Either way this means that there is a risk you will end up having to get your treatment redone or, even worse, removed.

Unfortunately training in Semi Permanent Makeup and Microblading is not all completed to the same standard so it can vary depending on who you train with. The Level 4 Certificate is a high standard qualification that is recognised in the UK and worldwide. By having this qualification it shows that they have attained a high level of competence in carrying out the treatment, health & safety and regulations. This will soon become mandatory across the industry but until then it is best to check your chosen Technican's qualifications and insurance before you make your choice.

Annida at Wakeup Makeup is trained to Level 4 standard and will be happy to see you for a FREE consultation if you have any questions about cosmetic or medical tattooing. Please contact her on 07977 187104 or make an appointment online at or