Not everyone can 'Wing' it, can you?

March 29, 2018



The winged eyeliner is becoming more popular again but not everyone is suitable for this permanent makeup procedure. Obviously a full consultation is given to ensure that you are medically suitable for permanent makeup but winged eyeliner is not for everyone. You need a reasonable amount of eyelid space before the crease of your eye socket allowing room for a good shape to be drawn which will age beautifully, anything tattooed past the crease can potentially go in the opposite direction !! If the eyelid 'falls' when the technician is drawing your design then I'm afraid you are not a good candidate, neither are you if you have many fine lines or wrinkles in the eyelid area.


In the photos above you can see the first photo has no crease so would be unsuitable for a winged liner whereas the second photo has far more space and a good sized liner could be created here. Designing a good liner is definitely an art and it's really important to evaluate the eye shape and be sitting up while the markings are drawn on. You should never tattoo past the crease or the last lash and definitely never connect the corners or tattoo the water line. These are commonly known as blow zones and tattooing here can cause the pigment to migrate under skin. I'm sure you'll agree this is not pretty!!


It is important not to overpower the eye with overly thick winged liner as it closes off the eyes and makes them appear smaller. Some eyelid space should be visible and the design should follow the shape of the eye.

Your eyeliner should start with a lash enhancement which is a perfect liner in your lash line which gives a great base and immediately opens your eyes. Perfect symmetry is particularly important when designing a winged liner to make sure that your drawing is done with the eyes both closed and open looking straight ahead and then checked again whilst laying down. Only after all the checks have been done should the tattooing begin.

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