Halloween Special

September 17, 2018


Vampire Facials!.........Nothing to be scared of.

Otherwise known as PRP, (PLATELET RICH PLASMA)

Made popular by Kim Kardashian.


These treatments rejuvenate your skin and are a fantastic

remedy to turn back the time without the use of chemical substances, instead using your own blood supply. (hence the vampire tag).


The science....... When PRP is injected into the skin a small wound is produced which activates the the platelets allowing them to get to work repairing  the tissue in that area.

Promoting collagen growth and is a low risk procedure.


Nothing ghoulish about this amazing treatment that leaves you fresh faced, and glowing.


In a nutshell this procedure uses the natural healing properties of your blood to enhance repair and regenerate tissue.


Within days you will understand why this is a celebrity facial is so popular and is really something to get your teeth into.



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