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In my years as a Technician I have seen some rather unfortunate work which needs to be either removed or corrected. This removal procedure is relatively simple and reasonably painless as the pigment is pushed out of the skin using this solution. A full consultation would be needed at which time an assessment would be done and an idea of timescale would be given as more than one visit may be necessary. As regards colour correction this can normally be done over the original treatment so as long as you are happy with the shape then a visit to top up the treatment with corrective colours should suffice.

Enhance your own natural beauty and give your features shape and definition with semi permanent makeup. This treatment applies coloured pigments into the dermal layer of the skin, offering a safe and effective way to get smudge free make up that will last for years. Using the latest advanced equipment and techniques, discomfort is minimal and a full consultation is always provided to ensure that you achieve the exact treatment that you are looking for in the colour and style that you require. It is very important to me that you are comfortable with me and happy with your results which is why I always ensure that we have plenty of time in every appointment to allow you to relax.
Semi permanent makeup is perfect for those with busy or sporty lifestyles, limited vision, Alopecia, disabilities or those allergic to conventional cosmetic products. It is also common to have this procedure before commencing cancer treatment or during treatment with a letter of authority from the Oncologist.
With semi permanent eyebrows are subtle, natural and vital when those over plucked eyebrows are now uneven and have all but disappeared, eyeliner for eyes that require definition (which is available in a large variety of colours) and lipliner when lips start to lose their line and would benefit from greater colour and definition. Sounds too good to be true, well not so. The process is simple; pigment is implanted into the skin leaving a makeup effect that will last for around 2-5 years. When the treatment is completed it is quite dark but within a 3-5 days it will shed and the colour will fade. It takes 4 weeks to heal to its final shade which is why a topup treatment is always given between 4-12 weeks as it is a perfect time to make minor changes to the colour or shape if you want to.
Many clients are not just looking for a makeup that lasts all day but are looking to improve imperfections that may have been caused by either nature, trauma or accidents. Our treatments are the very best. All procedures take a minimum of 2 visits and we are taught that "less is best". Your first appointment creates a softer effect which can be altered on your second visit. Each visit should be spaced out between 4 - 8 weeks and you should follow the prescribed aftercare advice to ensure your desired result.

Semi Permanent Makeup Removal using saline/salt solution & Colour Correction

Semi Permanent Make Up