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Annida has a wealth of experience in both beauty and design so when she trained in Semi Permanent Makeup with Finishing Touches Group 6 years ago it seemed a natural progression as she could now combine both of her skills to design and create perfect permanent makeup. With a few years of experience under her belt she proceeded to further her training and embark on a range of courses with The Clinical Academy including Medical Tattooing, MCA Scar Relaxation, Scar Camouflage, Mesotherapy Injectables and advanced skincare techniques. She has now opened our Training Academy teaching her skills to others and providing the ongoing support that is sometimes lacking in the industry. She also upgraded her qualification to Level 4 to ensure that she reaches the strict guidelines that are slowly coming into place across the industry to ensure that all technicians have the best training possible.


She has built a successful business mainly through her reputation and the high standard of her work. She continues to perfect and update her skills by attending regular training in different techniques and perfecting the treatments that she already does. She is a great believer in continued education as the industry and products change all the time so it is important to stay ahead of the game. Having travelled worldwide to train with the best and she has completed advanced training in all areas including latino and smokey eyeliner in the USA.

Her professionalism is second to non and she takes pride in ensuring that her clients get exactly what they need which is why she always carries out a full consultation before she goes ahead with any treatment. Whether it is just a case of wanting to ‘wakeup with makeup’ or if you are in need of facial feature restoration then cosmetic tattooing is perfect for you. If you have burns or scars and are self conscious then these can be faded with MCA (dry tattooing) or camouflaged with medical tattooing. Maybe you are undergoing breast reconstruction and medical tattooing could complete the look by adding your areola and fading any scar tissue. The possibilities are endless and the treatments are improving all the time. Not only does Annida offer cosmetic and medical tattooing but she can also improve your skin with rejuvenation treatments such as digital skin needling or remove any old semi permanent makeup with her simple salt and saline removal or correct any misshapen or discoloured semi permanent makeup with her correction techniques.

If you have any questions or are looking to book your treatment then please get in touch now so that we can get you booked in and start you on your journey. Call 07977 187104, email annida@wakeupmakeup.biz or use the form on this website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What’s the difference between microblading &
semi permanent makeup


Basically microblading is still a tattoo but uses a manual hand held tool rather than a digital machine. Both methods use pigments and can create fine hair stroke effects it is the application method that is different. The hand held tool has a long straight row of very fine needles attached and is dipped into pigment and dragged across the skin, cutting open a shallow groove in the shape of a hair and is reliant on the technician's hand pressure to create this superficial cut. Too much pressure and the cut will be too deep and will cause a scar and the pigment may heal with an ashy grey hue. Too little pressure and the pigment will not hold. It is incredibly important to ensure that you research well and view treatment portfolios and qualifications of your chosen technician as treatments conducted by poorly trained or inadequately skilled technicians can lead to severe scarring in the skin.

General the negatives for Micro Blading are that it causes more trauma to the skin than cosmetic tattooing and can cause scarring if done badly, it does not last as long as only a small amount of pigment is implanted into the skin, it is not suitable for all skin types - if you have oily, thicker skin with large pores then it is not suitable for you but cosmetic tattooing would be.

Cosmetic tattooing uses a digital machine that moves a needle or group of needles up and down into the skin creating tiny punctures into which the pigment is pushed by the needle. A variety of needles can be used depending upon the type of treatment that is being carried out. A nano needle is the finest needle available which creates very fine hair strokes, almost identical to those made when Micro Blading. Yet the machines used are so advanced that they create precise perfectly spaced punctures in the skin, with no tearing. So minimal trauma is caused to the skin, unless wielded by a poorly skilled technician. Different needle configurations are used for different techniques including shading and lining to ensure the best results and a good technician will always use the best quality equipment.

There is also a plastic cap surrounding the needle to support it which creates a small well of pigment so that a large amount is pushed out of the cap and down the needle into the skin therefore implanting more pigment per stroke then you would achieve with a Micro blade giving a longer lasting result.

Whilst both techniques can achieve a stunning result, it’s very much an individual choice as to what method you personally prefer and also down to the skill and experience level of technician you choose.
Recently I have found that a lot of people are asking for Microblading as they are actually specifically looking for hair strokes. But whether they are looking for a soft fluffy look, or a dense more structured look, they do not realise that both methods can achieve their desired result. 

With both procedures, a top up will be always required 4-8 weeks later to ensure longevity, this also gives you a chance to get used to your new makeup, some people like to go a little darker or change the shape slightly at the topup so at least you have the opportunity to do this if need be. After that both require annual maintenance, however Micro blading will fade sooner. Both methods cost the same and take about the same amount of time to do but whichever you decide on it’s important to carry out thorough research and to select a highly experienced permanent makeup technician with a good solid portfolio of current work.
Due to the increased popularity of permanent make up over the last decade, the market place has become saturated by offers of appealing low cost treatments. However as with anything in life, experience, training and skill costs.

Don’t be tempted to opt for the lower priced offers to save money, as these are normally the people that contact me for removal and correction, so as the saying goes 'buy cheap, buy twice'!! This is your FACE and one treatment where experience, knowledge and skill should be valued or that cheap treatment could end up costing you far more to put it right.